Hull has been Named the Most Affordable City in the UK for Students

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Hull has been Named the Most Affordable City in the UK for Students

30 August 2018

The latest Natwest Student Living Index 2018 has revealed that Hull takes the top-spot as the most cost-effective city for the students. With lowest rents on average and the cheapest night out as well as the generous scholarships and ample of opportunities for part-time jobs, the students will have more money in their pockets.

Natwest surveyed 3419 students across 35 most popular UK’s universities cities and rated each location based on the expenditure on essentials like groceries, rent & bills as well as the time they spend on studying, working and socialising. The survey has also considered the term-time income students receive.

The study revealed that UK’s most affordable city Hull is a great city with a great University where students experience the best value for money when it comes to cost of living with respect to monthly income. At Hull, an average student spends on the rent £388.75 that is lowest in England and 4th in the UK and enjoys highest student income £1316.60 per month, cheapest night out £17.70, cheapest takeaways £7.70 and the lowest parental contribution £102.10 per month.

While studying at the University of Hull, the students will find plenty to do without going into the red. Hull boasts of hosting one of the UK’s best free festival every year “Freedom Fest”. There are a lot of attractions and free museums to explore.

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